Maine Draft GOP Platform Opposes National Park

Over the last few weeks, the draft proposal for the “new” Maine GOP Party platform statement has raised a few eyebrows, but one of the most remarkable things about the new document is a minor addition from the Mane “Tea Party” backed platform approved in 2010.

5. Oppose all attempts to establish a Maine Wood National Park. Preservation of the Maine Woods and open spaces through public and private initiatives is foundational to our way of life;

Since Roxanne Quimby decided she wanted to donate some of her land for use as a National Park, the issue has become a contentious one across the state. Currently, Quimby’s efforts are centered around getting a feasibility study for the park from the National Parks Service.

The issue, since now added to a party platform, threatens to toss another set of players with wide shoulders into the rugby scrum that Maine North/South politics has become over the last several years.  In this report from the BDN in November, local opposition to the project in Millinocket was clearly evident.

Voters overwhelmingly opposed a National Park Service feasibility study of Roxanne Quimby’s proposed 70,000-acre national park, voting 513-132 against the idea in unofficial totals compiled late Tuesday, Town Clerk Erica Ingalls said. Five voters left blank ballots.