Post State Of The State, And Other Goodies.

Like other Mainers last night, I tuned in to watch the “State of The State” address.

Given the sniping that has gone on in Augusta over the last several weeks, ans some of the tension last night, I think it might be time to call what is politely called “a sit-down.”

State Republicans have been going after Dale McCormick  over at MSHA about project funding, and most frequently via the interesting piece on the conservative based news service “The Maine Wire.” Blog Dirigo Blue was quick to jump into the fray in McCormick’s defense, citing that many of the expenditures that they claim excessive were from before she took over the embattled agency.

A few days later, State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin came under fire from the Maine Dems based on his housing project that was never put into a blind trust.

Those following the brouhaha between the parties should not be surprised to see the first piece about the activities of Cynthia Dill and her PAC coming to light.

In a long political season, its interesting to take note of the changes from the John Martin era of politics (Motto:”Do as I say and nobody gets hurt”) to the open gang-warfare style of Chicago brand politics that the latest situation seems to mirror.

Before things get too far out of hand, perhaps its time for one of those legendary sit-downs.