Snowe Out, Chaos Ensues

With the announcement Tuesday that Senator Olympia Snowe has pulled out of the race to keep her seat in the U.S. Senate, the Maine Republican Party is being tossed into chaos. Scott D’Amboise, the only other candidate on the R side (Andrew Ian Dodge switched to the independent party last week) looks to be a shoe-in for the slot, just because of the timing involved.

Any other candidate would have little time to fund-raise, put a nomination process in place, or garner the necessary support before the June Primary Race. With only 105 days left until the June 12th Primary, any unnamed candidate would have to face down that triple-threat.

Rumors of  Representative Chellie Pingree tossing her hat in the ring of the Democratic side have already begun making the rounds.

This story on the BDN website has several of the details of her statement. In the world of politics in Maine, this is an announcement that ranks up there with a tsunami, an earthquake, and a sudden hail of raining kittens.

The next week in politics will see new horses in the race, flogged on by their own hopes. The ultimate question will be do Maine Republicans pick one built for speed…or for distance.