Counting Coup, And The Art Of Warfare

Yes, political reporting in Maine has always been one of those things that reminds you of the days of bare-knuckle boxing. You may see a long term pugilist in the ring for the umpteenth time suddenly get the bat-snot beat out of them, left a bloody mess on the canvas mat.

Today, there are surely those over at the Maine Heritage Policy Center funded “TheMaineWire” political news site cracking open the second case of non-alcoholic bubbly over the resignation of Dale McCormick.

But while they are counting coup, it is important to remember that McCormick was the SECOND target, the first being Paul Violette over at the Maine Turnpike Authority.

As hard as the pendulum swings one way in Maine politics, it tends to swing back the other with brutal force and precision. Already this week, I’ve heard rumblings about requiring the resignations of 3 different politicos running for the vacant Senate seat (Poliquin, Summers, and Schneider)

This week was round 1, hardly the first minute of a series of bouts on a full card. Thy might feel like the champions over at The Maine Wire, but this was a TKO.