Portland Dems Senate Debate Gets Weird

At the Portland Dems Senate Debate, during the question on race relations in America,the people at the table I was at started playing “Hangman”…

I’m not kidding. They were an older couple, somewhere around 60. The “disconnect” between the game they were playing to pass the time and the subject of the question at hand is staggering.
There will be those that doubt it happened. I pointed it out to another reporter there, who edged over to the table to take a peek.
Clearly, the question and answer period had gone on too long, if the crowd of 25-30 folks in the audience had grown so bored with the questions they resorted to a child’s game to pass a few minutes of time.
I’m going to chalk this one up to folks who had gone so far in their minds past the subject of noticing race, the thought of what they were doing just never occurred to them.
I just can’t bring myself to think of it any other way. If it was intentional, it was ugly.
If not, it was a testament.