No, I’m Still Here

I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks for the simplest of reasons. I’ve been asleep, or been in a state where it would not be appropriate for me to be behind the keys at a typewriter.

That hasn’t stopped me before, though.

I’ve been following the open seat for the US Senate campaign like everyone else, but this time its been a bit different. In the past, I was just another grumbling mumbling malcontent voter. This time around, I’m traveling on the outer fringes of the inner circle.

You see, one of the first thing you learn about the big campaigns is that they have secrets. When people get even SLIGHTLY irritated, and see folks like me skulking about on the social networks, they tend to try and unload good “dish”

Sometimes, some of what they say is even true.

The funniest thing I’ve seen so far takes me back to thee days of my youth. We played a lot of “pond hockey” in those days during the Winter. For those not in the know pond hockey resembles ice arena hockey only in that the players have sticks and shoot a puck. Rules are simpler. Mess with the dude with the puck, and expect to get hip-checked into the tall weeds and muck on the side of the pond.

I’ve even seen rougher games where someone was intentionally shoved onto the thin ice.

Calls of “high sticking?” surely you jest…you’re just short.
When you get to the point where you have two or three campaigns all playing a bit rough, while dropping  bits of this and that in your lap, you begin to wonder at what point did you turn out to be the referee? Did you suddenly wake up wearing a striped jersey?

That’s why I’ve been so quiet the last couple of weeks. I’ve been following the game, and making up lists of fouls. I’m not calling out anyone yet, though last week it DID get a bit close. At least two candidates have committed actions reminiscent of the “Hansen Brothers” in the Paul Newman movie “Slap Shot

For a few more weeks, I can keep skating backwards in circles. Then, the penalties start getting called.