The Apocalypse Menu Begins

Normally, I do a lot of political blogging, but every once in a while a story comes along that defines an age. In this national era of impatience over just about everything, I stumbled on one of those stories last night.

I have to say this slowly, in stages.

Nosh is a restaurant in Portland, the beloved home of my bacon-dusted french fries.

Last night, they introduced the next stage. Bacon Dusted French Fry Ice Cream Push-up Pops.

A sample of the smoky treat. (Michael Leonard Courtesy Photo)

Clearly, this is a development that will make the American College of Cardiologists fume with rage, possibly even to the point of putting out a hit team on Jason Loring, proprietor of Nosh. I’m sure the healthy eating folks are not fans, but Thursday afternoon I had a chance to try out the tasty treat that isn’t even on the menu yet. Smoky, bacony flavor, with more than a hint of potato, in sweet ice cream.

In a nation whose timing managed to see the legalization of marijuana in two states at the same time as the demise of the twinkie, this latest concoction could be the game changer. If this post manages to make it that far, I’m thinking UPS might be flying a few crates of the things out to the left coast soon.

Loring was trying something new. “We got together with Andrew Warren at Catbird Creamery in Westbrook. We wanted to do something that was uniquely ours. There were other bacon flavored ice creams out there, but the potato flavor was what we wanted.”

Michael Leonard, sitting at the bar, describes his part in the product development as that of being a “high end lab rat.” They made three batches before getting the flavor mixture just right.

At a cost of $7.00, the pops are a novelty that Nosh is trying out, possibly for inclusion in the annual “Food Coma Dinner” put on by local food blogger Joe Riccio.

As a tourist based city, this could change everything.