The Two Year Itch

Maine was atwitter yesterday with release of the latest polling results from Public Policy Polling on a possibility of a potential run by Eliot Cutler in the 2014 Gubernatorial Race.

Of course, everyone started to pick apart the data, cite the methodology as flawed, whatever. I did notice a few notable absences in those polling results, though.

Cynthia Dill isn’t mentioned anywhere, not even obliquely. I’m guessing that is because no machinery has been invented yet that could possibly rescue her from the lawn-dart like plunge to Earth she took in the Maine Senate Race, coming in at 13.5% in a three way race.

Eliot Cutler is mentioned prominently, but the talkback and pings from the progressive wing of Maine’s Democratic Party are pretty clear. Sure, tell EC to run again, right after he’s been boiled in oil, tarred and feathered, injected with the ebola virus and dropped off behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

Two years out is WAY too soon to be testing the waters. At this point in the year, the amount of burst pipes equals the amount of burst dreams.