I Just Want To Be Sure We Have This Clear.

Yes, the power of the press as been blunted again, but not at the point of a bayonet.

Since everyone seems to be smug with themselves today, I figured a quick summation of the lessons taught to the tune of a hickory stick was in order, just so we all know and fully realize that we”re on the same page.

You want a media that tells it like it is, yet when you find one that attempts this, you complain. When little Johnny Ne’reDoWell down the street gets arrested for his bonehead shenanigans it should be front page news. When he’s your nephew, we’re supposed to lay off.

When a pig-faced plutocrat shows up for a major policy shift announcement, we’re supposed to goggle with slack jawed awe at the pretty powerpoint presentation, lulled into a spell of head-nodding wonder at the beautiful graphic image…and never question if the numbers are actually accurate.

If the largest local employer is dumping crap in the rivers or a backyard pit, you don’t want actual reporting done about it, complete with inventories showing the amount of raw toxic crap they produced and records that show a failure of disposal.

You want a reporter and photographer to come and breathlessly cover a minor protest (on two hours notice) that you couldn’t manage to get twenty of your own supporters to show up to during the weekend.

You want unique stories, views, and information you can’t get elsewhere, and when it’s presented you ignore it to watch American Idol and Honey Boo-Boo.

You want information, and when somebody asks for it you listen to the blathering of talk by people who confuse an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act–FEDERAL) with a FOAA (Freedom of Access Act–STATE) thinking they are the same thing.

You want a media that tells you what it is told, never questions it, never follows up with new information, prints what you tell it to…in short, you want a media that is an illegal alien servant.

You want the National Enquirer, but with local kid box scores.

You want a first amendment weakened to the point of irrelevancy if it wants actual raw facts about the second amendment, forgetting all the while that they are partners, designed to back each other up, each using its strengths to defend the other.

You want to be manipulated by people who want to decide what information you can and can’t have…that simultaneously chuckle to themselves and complain that you are “Low Information Voters.”

Be careful what you’ve taught here, taking heed to the long term effect. You want a media that acts like a polite seven year old.

I prefer one that acts as a rebellious teenager, who’s scorn and derision at EVERYTHING icily drips from a facial expression that says “Bite Me.”

I want political officials who, on seeing their smartphone tell them a reporter is calling quickly wonder what they did wrong, reach for the  antacid tablets and answer the phone because they are afraid NOT to.

Yes, your whipping taught a lesson…one that indeed has hurt the teacher more than the pupil…in time.