New Project For Loring?

The US has an interesting intercontinental range missile defense program, at least for SOME of the country.

   Since North Korea has been upgrading its nuclear capability and saber rattling, there have been furious discussions down in DC about increasing the existing programs in Alaska and California.

   Of course, for those of us East of the Mississippi River, that is little consolation. We’re most vulnerable to ICBMs shot from Iran, which is collaborating with North Korea on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. We seem to have been written off.

   President Obama recently canceled missile defenses planned in Europe that were designed to defeat Iranian long-range missiles. That leaves the East Coast vulnerable to attack. In exchange, the Obama administration presumably hopes it will improve their relations with Russia – not likely.

    With the European site on hold, we should quickly build missile defense to protect the East Coast. Building a site in Maine or New York would provide the most cost-effective protection against Iranian missiles traveling over the Atlantic, according to the National Academies of Science.

   After all, we currently loan that technology in the form of AEGIS Guided Missile Frigates (built here in Maine, I might add) to a theater wide defense of the far Atlantic, Indian Ocean, an the Mediterranean Sea.

   Good enough there, but no so lucky for the East Coast of the US.

   The idea of doing so is now mired in DC and international politicking. No decision is slated for at least a year. Iran plans to build a missile within that time frame.

    Senator Collins was optimistic. In a statement to the PPH, she said “An East Coast missile defense site would provide the East Coast the same defensive coverage that the West Coast already enjoys. Limestone was one of two sites identified in a widely respected and well-received missile defense report by the National Academy of Sciences last year. I believe it would compete well against other potential locations.”

   The system has already proven to work, now its just a finicky matter of were, and how fast to build it.

   Even if Limestone is NOT the choice, something has to be done soon.