The Subtle Art Of The Shaft

In a press release this week, Governor LePage announced his support for renewing ferry service between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland.

Just like a poker player way in over his depth at a national tournament, LePage showed his cards, cackled and went all in before the flop.

You may note that there are references to Eimskip and the International Marine Terminal in there. A subtle note, to be sure, but one that shows an underlying plan.

The State of Maine controls operations at the IMT, where Eimskip currently loads/unloads cargo. If the potential new ferry service lands there, the state of Maine gets all the funding. If it lands at the OceanGate terminal with the rest of the cruise ships, the city of Portland gets the fees.

Seems nobody, not even Portland officials who swoon like giddy schoolgirls at a Bieber concert caught that.

But now, since I seem to have extra time on my hands since being relieved of column writing duties, I have time to notice this sort of thing.