When I Left Town, It Gets Interesting

For those not following along on my other blog (warning: harsh language and snark) over at http://nowhereboundproject.wordpress.com/ I’ve been on one of those “journeys of discovery.”

Of course, as soon as I left town, the weird turned pro. The move by the Governor declaring emergency powers to deal with the civil emergency comes across as slightly less bizarre than Jar-Jar Binks voting to give the Senate emergency powers.

Only slightly. Was my occasional column/booting the only thing that kept the Gov in check? I’ve been gone 8 days, and already it seems that not only are the monkeys running the asylum, but they’ve decided to arm themselves with pistols and grenades.

Following along from a distance seems to be the safest course. One of the reasons I left Maine was the gasping, wheezing economy. I can’t see how this declaration will ease anything. It seems custom-made to provoke a fight.

The journey I’m on may lead me back to Maine, eventually. I’m beginning to wonder if the smoking wreckage I left will collapse into a toxic environment that will prevent anything from growing there for decades to come.